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Reading: Refashioning Collaborations: Crossing Borders During the Pandemic


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Refashioning Collaborations: Crossing Borders During the Pandemic


Regina A. Root ,

William & Mary, US
About Regina A.

Regina A. Root is a professor at William & Mary. An expert in participatory design and cultural production, she has authored or co-authored The Latin American Fashion Reader, Couture and Consensus and The Handbook of Fashion Studies, among others. She is a lifelong scholar of conceptual design methodologies and the development of experiences related to art and the creative industries.

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Stephanie N. Saunders

Capital University, US
About Stephanie N.
Stephanie N. Saunders is a professor of Spanish and department chair at Capital University. Her research focuses on body studies, space studies, migration, and identity. She is the author of Fashion, Gender and Agency in Latin American and Spanish Literature.
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Responding to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, when news of quarantines, shutdowns, and sheltering-in-place mandates abounded, the organizers of the tenth fashion congress of Ixel Moda in Cartagena, Colombia, decided collectively to develop the content for an unprecedented five-day, 3-dimensional virtual gathering that brought together artisans, designers, chefs, scholars, and other creators from throughout the globe. The event would provide the scenario for exchanges on many facets of Latin American culture—food, music, film, fashion, politics, museum exhibits, performance, decorative arts, sustainability, tourism, and advertising—in the midst of a difficult period. This essay explores Ixel Online 2020 as a showcasing of the creative arts, includes the voices of the cultural organizers, and proposes this event as a model for increased international dialog during a global crisis.


Como respuesta a la pandemia de COVID-19 de 2020, cuando abundaron las noticias de cuarentenas, cierres y mandatos de refugiarse en casa, los organizadores del décimo congreso de Ixel Moda en Cartagena, Colombia, decidieron colectivamente desarrollar el programa de un encuentro virtual sin precedentes de cinco días y a 3 dimensiones que reunió a artesanos, diseñadores, chefs, académicos y otros creadores de todo el mundo. El evento proporcionaría el escenario para intercambios sobre muchas facetas de la cultura latinoamericana —comida, música, cine, moda, política, exposiciones de museos, performance, artes decorativas, turismo y publicidad— en medio de un período difícil. Este ensayo explora Ixel Online 2020 como una muestra de las artes creativas, incluye las voces de los organizadores culturales y propone este evento como un modelo para un mayor diálogo internacional durante una  crisis global. 

How to Cite: Root, R.A. and Saunders, S.N., 2021. Refashioning Collaborations: Crossing Borders During the Pandemic. Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies, 5(1), pp.88–96. DOI:
Published on 30 Jun 2021.
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