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Reading: Juan Ruiz de Alarcón: Writing Home Between the Lines


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Juan Ruiz de Alarcón: Writing Home Between the Lines


Gloria B. Clark

The Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg Campus
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In 1600, Ruiz de Alarcón chose to leave his home in the New World, at about the age of twenty. He was to spend better than half of his life in Spain, until his death in 1639. In all, he spent approximately twenty-five years in the New World and thirty-four years in Spain. In Spain, he became one of the great writers of the Spanish Golden Age, producing comedias of fine artistic quality and delicate sensitivity. Readers of his work notice that, although he was a native of New Spain, his writing does not overtly reveal his origins. As a matter of fact, some readers never realize that he was not a native Spaniard. However, a close reading of one of his popular comedias, La verdad sospechosa, reveals the cultural stamp of his birthplace in subtle ways. This cultural stance of Ruiz de Alarcón’s literary work will be contrasted with that of one of his contemporaries and native-born Spaniard, Lope de Vega, in his comedia, El caballero de Olmedo.

How to Cite: Clark, G.B., (2010). Juan Ruiz de Alarcón: Writing Home Between the Lines. Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies. 24(2), pp.56–64. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2010.
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