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Reading: A Copyright-Free Source of Latin American Visuals


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A Copyright-Free Source of Latin American Visuals


Jack Child

American University
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The scholar, teacher or student searching for relevant visuals to illustrate a paper, article or presentation, immediately runs into the copyright problem. Every visual has a creator, and the individual has certain rights regarding the use of this visual. In short, every visual has an owner, and copyright law and practice protects it from unauthorized use. Proof that the visual was indeed created by the person claiming copyright can be complicated or simple. The complicated approach involves registering the visual with a government copyright office. The simple approach relies on publishing the visual as part of a paper or presentation which can be dated and documented as belonging to the creator. This paper summarizes the copyright problem and describes approaches to solving it, some legal and legitimate, and some not.

How to Cite: Child, J., (2010). A Copyright-Free Source of Latin American Visuals. Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies. 23(1), pp.22–32. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2010.
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