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Reading: “Lucha Hasta el Alba”: UR-TEXT for Yo, El Supremo by Augusto Roa Bastos


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“Lucha Hasta el Alba”: UR-TEXT for Yo, El Supremo by Augusto Roa Bastos


John Incledon

Albright College
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Creation tales, whether Biblical, mythical, or historical, hold a peculiar fascination. Origins, foundations—what was it like in the beginning? In Latin America, historical and literary creation stories have a consistently oedipal flavor. They are tales of fathers and sons. Whether treating the discovery and conquest of the New World, the creation of the republics following Independence, or the attempt to mold new societies through revolution, the pattern is persistent. During the conquest of Mexico, Cortés, in his first Carta de relación to Charles V, makes his case for usurping control of the expeditionary force from Governor Diego Velázquez of Cuba. The establishment of the first cabildo in the New World was marked by an oedipal struggle. In the Southern Cone following Independence, Sarmiento’s description of Rosas’s takeover from Facundo and his vision of a new leader, perhaps himself, unseating Rosas, is cast in peculiarly oedipal terms. “Un día vendrá, al fin, que lo resuelvan,” he says, “y el Esfinge Argentino, mitad mujer por lo cobarde, mitad tigre por lo sanguinario, morirá a sus plantas, dando a la Tebas del Plata el rango elevado que le toca entre la naciones del Nuevo Mundo” (Facundo 14). And the series of leaders toppling one another during the bloodiest years of the Mexican Revolution—Madero, Huerta, Villa, Carranza, Obregón—has a typically oedipal ring.

How to Cite: Incledon, J., (2007). “Lucha Hasta el Alba”: UR-TEXT for Yo, El Supremo by Augusto Roa Bastos. Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies. 13(1), pp.119–128. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2007.
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